A New Day

Welcome all,

I’m Thomas Matthews, a Democrat and lifelong resident of Laurel. I am running in the upcoming November election for a council member seat in Ward 2. My platform is one of change and improvement for Laurel’s youth programs, its senior citizens ¬†and for all city residents to have a stronger voice.

So many things have changed in this city since I was a young boy growing up in Laurel Grove. We’ve got businesses as diverse as our population…and that’s a good thing. The new mall will be here soon…and that too is a good thing. But as a council member I want to do much more. For one, Main Street needs a focal point to draw more visitors, tourists and shoppers. Secondly, we need to improve the services we offer to our youth to ensure healthy minds and bodies. Third, it’s a must that we keep economic development front and center to ensure a solid tax base and public interest in Laurel.

This is indeed a New Day but I need your help to make it happen. Vote Thomas Matthews for council November 5th.